Sling Media Slingbox M1 (Certified Refurbished)

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Sling Media Slingbox M1 (Certified Refurbished)
Sling Media Slingbox M1 (Certified Refurbished)

  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90-day Sling Media warranty
  • Watch and control 100% of your live TV on a tablet*, phone*, PC, or Mac.
  • View and manage DVR recordings.
  • Watch on a second TV anywhere via Apple TV®, Chromecast®, Fire TV®, and Roku®*. *Requires Slingplayer for mobile devices app, sold separately
  • Connect via WiFi or Ethernet, No monthly fees for Sling

Product Description

Watch your TV Anywhere – Sling box is the easy way to take your living room TV experience with you wherever you go. You’ll be able to see each and every channel you have available on your television via Sling box. It works over Wi-Fi networks, as well as 3G and 4G cellular networks without restriction when you travel. Even internationally. Basically if you can connect to the Internet, you’ll be able to watch all your channels live on any device, like your laptop, tablet, or phone.

You can even use a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV to watch live TV on a second television. Watch your cable or satellite subscription at your vacation home or on that TV in the bedroom or basement. All without extra monthly fees. Sling box lets you watch your TV live in up to Full HD at 1080p resolution. It will connect with your home’s Internet router via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. You connect to your cable or satellite set-top box via component cables and the signal passes through to your TV. You can also connect it to your DVR, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc player/recorder or a video security camera if you choose. Integrated and external IR emitters give you the ability to control these remotely. Perfect for the sports fan – If you’re a die-hard sports fan who travels, Sling box is a must-have. The extra channels and coverage you’re already paying for are all available without having to worry about “blackouts” or device restrictions. And there are no monthly fees. Compatible with most Cable and Satellite providers – ATandT, Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner, and Verizon FiOs + more! Setup is simple, view your TV remotely from phones, tablets, PC/Mac, streaming devices, All with no monthly fees. This certified refurbished unit includes a 90 day warranty from Sling.

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Sling Media Slingbox M1 (Certified Refurbished)